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Sue Parker

Hiring Mentor ►Easing Frustrations for Individuals & Companies ► LinkedIn Profiles & Strategy ► Resume Writer ►Trainer

Sue had a courageous approach to reviewing some of my website communications. She had some unique and cracker suggestions to drive more traffic. I loved that she takes time to understand the person behind a company brand so marketing is always ‘on tone’ and not corporate waffle.

Alyssa Strangwick

Alyssa Strangwick

Creative Director | Director at Angry Chicken Media | Project Manager

Sue is an open, honest and down to earth marketing expert.

She takes pride in her work but never makes you feel like you are being spoken down to.

She is an educator and a fantastic listener and communicator.

I highly recommend Sue for her services and will continue to work with her and refer her to anyone looking for a tailored marketing business strategy with flair and heart.

Trevor Banerjee

Trevor Banerjee

Director at Click Kings

Sue is one of those few people I’ve worked with who can think big picture and strategically as well as go deep into the detail and get meticulous. This is a rare trait and it’s for this reason I recommend Sue to anyone who’s looking for someone to help them with their marketing efforts. Be it strategic marketing plans to generate new business or action plans to drive customer loyalty, Sue is the person you want on your team.

Ian Martin

Manager Health and Safety Systems and Improvement Projects at Auercon

I had the pleasure of working with Sue on several projects.

Sue is upbeat, capable and extremely collaborative with a particular talent for taking on new projects that were both difficult and critical to the company’s growth.

I remember when Sue lead the redesign of the Company brand engaging with everyone to provide their views. The outcome was a new company logo and branding that the entire team were proud to be a part of. It was a great result.

Everyone liked working with Sue and I believe that she would be an asset to any team

John Paynter

John Paynter

Medical Industry Finance Specialist – Founder & General Manager of MediPro Capital Finance

Sue is a very conscientious and very dedicated industry partner to our business. She handles all our marketing from website content to business cards to online paid and unpaid advertising and a whole lot more. I would recommend her to anyone trying to enhance and increase their online and offline presence.

Jason Teh

Jason Teh


Efficient, knowledgeable and just gets things done!

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