5 Tips for running your business on a tight budget

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5 Tips for running your business on a tight budget

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort on planning your business venture and now it’s time to dive in and make your dream a reality.  Except for one minor thing; your budget has a lot to be desired.

Don’t worry!  Your dreams will not be shrunken to the size of your wallet because we have 5 super Tips for running your business on a tight budget. From creating a website to developing a killer marketing plan.  We’ve covered all bases you need to get your name out there without breaking the bank.



1. Get a stunning website

If you want to launch your business and get people to notice you, you need a good working website.  This does not need a cost a fortune.  There are small businesses out there that are creative, cool, young and totally plugged in to how markets work today.  They can build you websites at a fraction of the price of bigger businesses.  Seek one out and go for it!

2. Simplify your Accounts process

Invoicing and receiving payments from your customers can be a time-consuming and intimidating task, but how else are you going to make the big bucks roll in.  When you build your website, ask them about building in an app for your accounts.  Sync it to your contacts and simplify your life.  It will free you up to focus on your business.

3. Communication is key – automate your customer communication

As long as were on the website, you may as well automate your messages as well.  Send an email to your website visitors thanking them for dropping by, or for making a purchase.  Set up automatic messages to communicate to your customers about topical issues and news that is of interest.  It will make them feel personally connected to you, and allow you to look like you have quite a team behind you.



4. Minimise your Overheads – work from home or a communal work space

Office space is expensive.  Today we are so connected that we can work from almost anywhere.  As a step up from a home office, look into shared work spaces in your area.  This will allow you to start networking with other small businesses and exchange tips and tricks you’ve picked up along the way.

5. Develop a Marketing Strategy.

Getting your business noticed is essential to your success.  Take time to develop a timeline of where you want your marketing efforts to go.  Think local newspapers, community bulletin boards, local council small business hubs.  Don’t forget the online world.  Social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google will allow you to communicate to a large audience, advertise inexpensively and make it easier for clients to find you.  Make sure your social channels are noted on your website as well.


Now,  use these 5 Tips for running your business on a tight budget and go, make stuff happen!

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