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It’s not our expertise or our qualifications or our time in the sector that has made Sassy Marketing and Communications what it is today.  The truth is, we have been living our WHY since 2012. Sue Mills herself has been doing so for over 20 years. Using every qualification and every job she’s ever held to build up the experience and expertise that is Sassy Marketing as it is today.  Why?  Because of the lived experience with disability that Sue has. Having a daughter with Down Syndrome and a Congenital Heart Defect is what has driven us to design our bespoke methodologies that make us unique in this sector. This is due to the fact that we have experienced first hand how many businesses are out there making promises to families like ours and cannot deliver due to bad business practice.  Corner cutting.  Little to no experience with disability let alone educated and qualified to work in this this sector. Now, we know that you don’t need a qualification to be a support worker.  We also know that you do not need to be a registered provider to have a good thriving support service business.  In fact, we help build these businesses from the ground up.  Building them up to have good business practices and teaching you how to be a good business owner.  We build you a solid, practical and fabulous brand, so that you can have a platform of attraction that attracts your ideal clients to you.   We know from experience that there is no ‘cookie cutter model’ for all business. It is about cutting through all the noise and standing out from your competitor. Being nimble and open to change. Daring to be different whilst at the same time strive to be the best in your market!  But, you cannot do this without a solid business plan and a roadmap putting your business front and center to your ideal clients. That allows you to build a business that not only survives, but thrives.


Because we build and work with every one of our clients until we will put our own family members in their care.  Being a part of the NDIS community ourselves gives us the added perspective of what problems we need to solve for families like mine, who do not work without the help of good, solid support providers that truly provide continuity of care, quality of care, and fundamentally understand what that means at the core of the word!

These things are not buzz words to families like ours. To families like mine, they mean the difference between function and disfunction. 

So with this in mind, we develop smart and innovative strategies for service providers, as well as sole traders who want to build quality businesses for an ideal client.  We do this with the view of providing the best quality care possible by using best practice policies and procedures from the start.

Our services are specifically designed to work with our ideal client. That ideal client that is willing to put the work and the effort into their business in order to be profitable. All while providing the best care that is within their power and ability to give.

What do people think of Sue Mills and her experienced team?

Sassy Marketing have been working with the big end and smaller end of town in the financial, medical services and Disability Services Sectors since 2012, and Sue herself has been doing so for over 20 years.  We have come to believe that there is no ‘cookie cutter model’ for all business. We believe that it is rather about cutting through all the noise, and standing out from your competitor, being nimble and open to change. Daring to be different, whilst at the same time strive to be the best in your market! 
Everything we do at Sassy, is about challenging the status quo. So, with a fresh and sassy determination, I launched our boutique marketing and communications agency to meet a gap in the market. I perceive this gap to be a desperate need for a service which harnessed the differences between Sales and Marketing, and could provide both without the associated astronomical costs that inevitably comes with Marketing Agencies who understand very little about sales fundamentally. 
We walk beside our clients with integrity and care as a scalable business partner who focuses on the end game results without the expensive gimmicks or corporate clichés. We do this by way of smart, creative and bespoke strategies that work!

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