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Social Proof

The power of social proof in marketing

Social proof describes “a psychological and social bias that makes us believe that what other people do and say in an attempt to reflect the correct behaviour, is in fact the correct way of doing or saying things”. Even if the behaviour doesn’t make sense. Social proof is indeed powerful, and it is important to leverage it in business.

Woman in Focus with Sue Mills

While studying a commerce degree to appease her parents, Sue moonlighted in mining, finance, retail and legal. In her attempt to figure out what she was good at, she enjoyed nearly every job she tried. But it was while doing a favour for a friend, that she made the mistake that would keep her hired for the next decade.

Market With Authenticity

How to market with Authenticity

Sue Mills from Sassy Marketing started her career in one of Australia’s leading banks. After some years working in the medical industry, she left and took a started a new career. She was happy but not satisfied and wanted to start her own business.

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