Has your group post been deleted, denied or looked like gibberish?

Copying and pasting a post on Facebook, without adding any additional context or value, is often not as effective as creating original content. There are several reasons why copy-pasting posts may not work well on the platform: 

1. Algorithmic Suppression

Facebook's algorithm prioritises content that encourages meaningful interactions and engagement. When users copy and paste identical content without adding their own thoughts or personal touch, it can be seen as spammy or low-quality. Consequently, these posts may be deprioritised in users' news feeds, reducing their visibility.

2. Limited Engagement

Copy-paste posts tend to receive less engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares because they lack the personal touch that encourages interaction. Facebook values content that generates discussions and connections, and copy-paste posts often don't achieve this.

3. Repetitiveness

When multiple users share the same content verbatim, it can clutter users' feeds and become repetitive. Facebook aims to provide a diverse and engaging user experience, so repetitive posts may not align with this goal.

4. Misuse of Features

Copy-pasting the same post repeatedly or across multiple groups or pages can sometimes be considered a misuse of Facebook's features. Facebook encourages organic and genuine interactions, and copy-paste posts may be viewed as an attempt to manipulate the platform's algorithms for visibility. Therefore it won’t appear like it was intended, may look like a bunch of code, and often, if a hashtag was used, just appears as a picture.

5. Community Standards

If the copied content violates Facebook's community standards or content policies, it may be subject to removal or restrictions, which can negatively impact its visibility.

So if posting in a group, or anywhere for that matter, it’s advisable to create original and engaging content that resonates with your audience. You can still share content from others, but it’s essential to add your perspective, ask questions, or provide context to encourage meaningful interactions. This approach is more likely to lead to better engagement and visibility on the platform. 

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