Sassy helps Personal Care Workers do it better

Our primary objective is to make sure our clients business is set up properly, legally and ethically. We are offering a wide variety of services ranging from business planning and setup, business management and finance, website design, branding, marketing and finding clients,  social media management, financial management and more.

Business Planning and setup

Become a Sole Trader or grow your business, Business Planning,  Design and implementation of effective strategies to reach your target market.

Website Design & Re-Design

Website Design and implementation, copy writing, Landing Pages, Video Integration and much more.

Content Writing

Blogs, Social Media Posts, Website Content, E-Books, Articles and Whitepapers.

Social Media Management

Content Management, Social Media Optimisation, Brand Management, Advertising Strategies and much more.


Logo design and development, Media packs, Stationary design, Social Media icons and backing banners, collateral design, Advertising Banners, posters or brochure design and development and much more.

Sales and Business Coaching

Work through personal blocks and implementation of strategies for more effective sales and management capabilities through habit forming and problem solving.

Financial Management

Invoicing and chasing up funds, keeping your expenses logged and organised for your accountant, keeping track of money for you and more.

Sassy Marketing specialises in a wide range of Services which is specifically designed to help you concentrate on caring for your clients, while we run your business. We constantly adjust and review the day to day business for your continued success. We do this by keeping a close eye on the data that comes in from all activities, making tweaks and changes as they need to happen to ensure maximum results so that you can be comfortable that your business is covered legally and ethically.

Our Digital Marketing Services and Strategies allows our clients to concentrate on what they do best.  We work closely with our clients, big and small to help them build and increase their brand awareness and public image through our own proven methodology.

Our  Strategies offer end-to-end solutions for those businesses big and small.  From starting up as new sole trader, to running a succesful business providing much needed services to the community funneling better qualified leads from your valuable content.

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