Does your Marketing Strategy Suck?

Why are most providers missing the boat when it comes to marketing?

The answer is simple; they’re copying a flawed model and when you copy a flawed model, there’s only one outcome…

When I’ve asked providers about why they have a website or socials, often the answers I hear are things like, for credibility, to be like an online brochure, to tell people who we are and what we do. We want to get our name out there. The list goes on.
Now that annoys me, because these days, marketing is not just about getting your name out there. It’s about what you can bring to table, and the problems that you solve. In other words, connecting with your ideal client, so that you can have an ongoing conversation with them.
So let’s look at where people go wrong in their marketing. I see three significant flaws with the way that most providers do their marketing.
The first mistake is making it about you.
On most websites there’s typically two points. It’s who you are and what you do. Now the problem with that is, that people who don’t know you, don’t care about you. So stop making it all about you! They need a solution to their problem.  So, what they care about, is how you go about solving it for them. So when your website is all about you, there’s a disconnect.
The second critical mistake I see on most websites, socials and in most marketing efforts in general, is that there’s no differentiation of what you do compared to other providers. The list of services that you have on your website is exactly the same as every other provider in your field. That’s a real flaw in being able to communicate any value that you might offer compared to anyone else. It really doesn’t give your potential clients a way to look at you and say, yes, that’s who I need to work with.
The third mistake I see is making your marketing a one-way communication, trying to sell your services. Now, if your website only talks at people, instead of having the capability to engage them in an ongoing two-way dialogue, you’re really missing out on opportunities. You cannot expect people to engage your services from one visit to your website or a social media post telling people about your services. Having the ability to create a two-way conversation from your website and socials, to enable people to interact in a process where they’re able to have ongoing communication from you, and ideally WITH you, so that they can respond and actually tell you about themselves.  Truth bomb! It’s about THEM, not you. Again, if that’s not there, you’re missing opportunities.
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