Testimonials and Why They are Important to Your Marketing Plan

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Testimonials and Why They are Important to Your Marketing Plan

Sharing testimonials from existing or previous clients on your website really matter when attempting to convert a lead into a sale, as social proof helps build your credibility as a business.  Testimonials from clients are an essential part of continuing to build your profile and rapport with potential new clients. Social proof is a large part of showing the effectiveness of testimonials as well. You can read more about social proof in our article here.

Asking for a testimonial

The only way to secure a testimonial from a client is to ask for it. We don’t mean simply making a phone call, you need to be strategic in your approach so that you increase your chance of getting a testimonial and one that is of use to your business and will, ultimately help you turn those leads you spent so much time generating into sales.

Sending your testimonial request

Preparation is key when it comes to requesting testimonials from your clients. The list below is what you can include as part of your targeted approach.

  1. Select a list of 10 clients
  2. Choose clients in varying life stages or age group
  3. Make sure they are easy to reach with both contact numbers and email address
  4. Choose clients who have purchased different products or services from you so you get a good range of testimonials.
  5. Prepare 3 to 5 relevant questions that will help you get the most information. g ‘What are the two main benefits you got from your financial plan that we created for you.’
  6. Ensure you ask for permission to publish the testimonial publicly and to use their name

Testimonial Requests

We must never ever use fake testimonials

Potential clients can sniff out a fake testimonial coming from a mile away. Whilst it’s tempting to upload a few testimonials that aren’t from clients, nothing compares to the real thing. Real testimonials from real clients are relatable and worth the extra work to obtain.  

Put your testimonials to good use

The testimonials page on your website is marketing gold! You can include the testimonials across different pages on your website like the homepage or service/products page.

You can also include testimonials within marketing content as well as on social media platforms and offline marketing like newsletters.

Tip: When possible, include keywords you have optimised on your website within the testimonials.

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