Tip 2 – Share your Vision and Mission

Tip 2 – Share your Vision and Mission

You can always demonstrate your expertise and performance, but to become an authority in your industry, you need to let people know why you do what you do. Not just what you do. Let your audience see that you really care about what you do, and that will lead to a certain level of trust in what you’re putting forth.

So, share your mission.

What do you believe that drives your business?

What is the core message that you need to share with the rest of the world?

What difference are you trying to make?

Share that with the world, and it will lift your business from being just another face in the crowd to the heartbeat of a movement. Even if you’re a wizard in your field, that still doesn’t guarantee that people will remember you after watching that video or reading that blog post. But people do remember and get behind movements.

It’s the reason people still refer to Apple’s ad and why Nike has become a worldwide sportswear company. They represent something aspirational and bigger than themselves. It’s also the reason that your business will evolve into something that truly matters and become an authority in your field.


Create a mission statement. For example, the mission statement of Starbucks Coffee has always been one of my favourites: To inspire and nurture the human spirit — one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time. ….and no, it’s not just because I LOVE coffee….

This statement give people a sense of what drives this brand, giving them an air of authority and respectability that they might not achieve for simply making a nice cup of coffee. Then foster an environment that reflects the mission, through customer and team activities and engagement.

Write a bold manifesto. You can send a fierce message about what drives you and what you’re seeking to accomplish in your work with a manifesto. Writing a manifesto is also a great way to clarify your beliefs and examine your motivations, create and express the principles that guide your business, and articulate your goals and vision.

Keep and eye out for tip 3 – Make a human connection with your audience, and please, in the comments, tell me what your vision and mission is. I’d love to see them.

Sue Mills is a marketing, sales and digital specialist to the financial and professional service sector, and the owner of Sassy Marketing & Communications.  With over 20 years of experience working for and with financial planners, accountants, brokers and advisors she shows her clients how to step up and out to be sustainable and thrive in their practices through adopting smart and valuable marketing strategies. Call Sue on 0477 468 888 for a confidential discussion or visit www.sassy.marketing.



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