What is evergreen content? And why is it important?

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What is evergreen content? And why is it important?

Chances are you’ve heard the word ‘evergreen’ thrown around and you’d be forgiven thinking it has something to do with golf!

Evergreen Content to put it simply is quality content that is relevant for the moment right now and will continue to be relevant long after it has been published. This type of content can be published in a variety of different formats including ‘how-to’ articles, reviews of products and or services that you would recommend for clients, top five or ten lists, instructional videos, case studies, testimonials and much more.

Finance is actually one of the most popular topics people search for on the internet so as a business in the financial services sector the topics of your evergreen content are easy to create because you have a client base and by doing a little bit of digging around you should be able to hit evergreen content gold!

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Creating good and quality content marketing for financial services

Content is the perfect method to create material that really builds trust and fills any gap in the market where other financial services fall short.

Here is what to include as part of your brainstorm session with your team using your current client database:

  • When the client came on board what was their main pain point?
  • What is the age range of our client database?
  • What life stages are our clients at?
  • What Apps or other online tools would assist our clients?

Answers to all or even some of the questions above will give you a plethora of topics to assist you in creating relatable evergreen content that will stand the test of time.

Even if you have a wide age and life stage range within your client database just know that someone who is starting out and just purchased their first home or got married will eventually end up at the later stage. Whilst your 28-year-old client isn’t interested in how to utilise their Superannuation during retirement right now, they will be eventually. So, creating content about retirement now will be relevant in the years to come as your client goes through different life stages.

Tip! One topic that is light on in the evergreen content area is Divorce. It is, unfortunately, something that does happen, but not many people are writing about it. This is an area where you could offer your clients some real valuable information to help them out through what is an emotional and also financially hard time.          

How will you benefit from evergreen content?

The benefits of evergreen content are exponential. The first and main benefit is that it is a great tool to utilise for lead generation and you can continue to recycle the content across different platforms to generate leads.

Evergreen content is more likely to be shared across social media platforms by the people that view it. Why? Because it is good solid content that isn’t a current trend or an issue that is for the present day only, it is content that is timeless and relevant for the here and now as well as in future years.

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